The first step in building a relationship is understanding the individual or family’s goals and objectives. By learning clients’ preferences, philanthropic intentions, constraints, liquidity needs, and legal estate structures, our firm becomes vested in each client’s personal mission. Our advisory team will then create a customized long-term plan to achieve the desired results.

In addition to our traditional investment advisory services, Brainard Capital often serves as an adviser or Chief Financial Officer for ultra high net worth individuals and family offices.

This may entail:

  •  Investment policy development:  Initial or ongoing development of family office investment policy statements.
  • Manager due diligence/search: A comprehensive review of the client’s current managers/funds, and ongoing due diligence on those products. Manager/fund searches and assistance with selection, with a focus on low cost and acceptable risk adjusted returns.
  • Multi-custodial reporting: Consolidated performance and cash flow reports; pulled from all firms where family office clients custody funds.
  • Custody services: Assist in selection and set-up of one or more asset custody relationships with third parties (e.g. Goldman Sachs or Fidelity Institutional)
  • Trust & family limited partnership asset management
  • Incorporate views on strategic vs. tactical allocation

To provide the best advice possible, we want to know:

  • What is the ultimate purpose of the assets in the portfolio?
  • What are your rates of return and income requirements?
  • What is your tolerance for risk (volatility, downside risk & maximum shortfall)?
  • What asset classes to include; maximum and minimum exposure?
  • What asset classes to exclude and why?
  • Consider the time horizon of your investments: limited or perpetual?

Brainard Capital Management, LLC is an investment advisory firm registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. We are an independent boutique dedicated to providing creative investment solutions and advice to a select group of individual and family office clients.

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